Developer License

At Edvance, we have always been interested in expanding the role of our clients beyond that of software user. We believe schools can become active participants in their own software development and through their participation, our clients can directly influence the development of future versions of the Edvance Software System.

To promote this spirit of innovation and co-operation we have initiated what we call The Developer License.

What exactly is the Developer License?
Basically it is an agreement to develop customized features or even modules based on ideas submitted to Edvance by some clients. If the plan is approved, Edvance will inform the client and provide an estimate for the cost of such development.

What are some examples of custom development?

  • The creation of a job placement module to help manage and track work being done by students in a co-op program for students with special needs.
  • The overriding of some of the "out of the box" functionality with school-specific versions of the same.
  • Unique data synchronization algorithms connecting our system to 3rd party systems.

Are smaller schools able to customize or adapt the software to suit their needs?
Absolutely. Custom fields can be easily added and managed by any client at no additional cost. Some schools, big or small, choose to contract with us to build specific adaptations or even modules that they want.

We are proud of our service and commitment to our partners.

We believe that the future of educational software should remain in the hands of educators.

Our software is built for educators by educators.