Our Story

In 1998 Michael Bush, our founder, was a young teacher in a Montreal high school. Like many, he wondered if there was a more efficient way to accomplish the daily tasks all educators must perform. Could redundancies be reduced or eliminated? Could software help with this?

After much discussion, he and some colleagues presented a list of helpful changes to their software provider. Surprisingly, the developers there were completely closed to the ideas presented to them. They made no effort to extract anything from the feedback being provided to them by the educators actually using the software on a daily basis.

After serious consideration, the teachers reached an important decision. They themselves would develop the software that could implement their desired changes.

Since our incorporation in 2001 we have been determined to be a company that would always listen to what educators wanted and needed. At first, we created educational software from a development office purposely located within a school making it easy for teachers and administrators to share their ideas with us. Now we continue to build & redesign our software using feedback from the Edvance community.

Future-Ready Software

Client participation in the development process continues today. Through our Developer License clients can request the development of custom features which can override the regular functionality making the software uniquely theirs.

Edvance Software continues to grow. Our move to the web in 2008 provided to all our users anytime, anywhere access to all our modules. More recently with version 5 we delivered a robust, relevant and easy to use software that allows teachers to focus primarily on their roles as mentors.

In August 2019 we released our newest version 6.0 which has been built from the ground up and uses the best parts of the Edvance SIS coupled with a new responsive, restful and modernized user interface.

We believe the education sector can benefit immensely from advances in technology. Every change we incorporate is inspired by what educators want and need and we design our software with one goal in mind - to advance the art of education.