Edvance Analytics

Data Analysis Services for Schools and School Districts

In line with a trend to provide analytical data to the classroom teacher, the Edvance Analytics system can analyze the question by question results of any exam written by students within a school or a district or a province.


Year after year educators collect and publish the summary performances of their students on common exams. Administrators discuss board averages, failure rates, dropout statistics. Teachers compare their class averages to other class averages then file the exam away to use for review the following year.

Unfortunately, final test scores tell us little about how to improve instruction. Improving instruction requires knowing the exact concepts we want our students to learn, knowing which concepts they have learned, and then deciding what to do when they have not learned some of them.

What If

Common exams can be very helpful if we decide to dig a little deeper into the data. What if we decided to track every answer on every exam for every student? What if we studied how each question on every exam is linked to specific curriculum concepts? What if we did that year after year and presented that data to educators in a meaningful way?

Now I, as a teacher, would have some very useful information that could help improve my teaching. At a board level, coordinators could recommend changes to timelines or teaching materials. Teacher training could focus on specific concepts that might need a different approach. Tutoring on failed concepts by specific students could be organized. Teaching would improve.


Edvance has developed a software program that will allow educators to drill down into the data to compare question by question results on any exam created for a class or school, district or province.

Exam structures, student registration, student results and curriculum concepts can be imported easily using the program's import tool. Exam questions can be linked to measurable course concepts. Once all the data is available, the program will display results using graphs or charts.

Board Exams can help improve instruction if educators decide to dig a little deeper into the data. We invite you to take a look at the Edvance Exam Analytics System.