Notification & Messaging Systems

The Edvance auto-notification and messaging options keep parents, students and teachers instantly informed of important school information and updates.

Implemented within the Edvance Customization Layer, the conditions associated with any sending can be tailored to the exact needs of each school.

Student Progress Tracking

Notifications concerning student progress and achievement can be sent, for example, to advisors, guidance counsellors, parents and of course the students themselves.

Academic Reporting

Although deliverable via the Edvance Student/Parent Portals, report cards can also be delivered to parents directly by email.

Behaviour & Discipline

Email triggers can be setup to notify parents when their child has received more than a certain number of behaviour infractions, in celebration of good behaviour or when an incident of a specific type has been recorded.

Attendance & Punctuality

Parents can also receive notifications when their child is late for school, or misses a class.