Bridges to Google

Edvance Software is committed to building multidimensional, dynamic and flexible systems that can not only stand alone but that can also incorporate the best of what others have to offer.

In line with this commitment we have created a module called Bridges to Google.

With this module we merge the best of two worlds: the relevant functionalities of G Suite for Education and the flexible features of Edvance Software.

Google Classroom

Although our work with Google started in other areas, most recently we have extended the module to include Google Classroom. Work is underway to link both our Gradebook as well as our Curriculum Management module to the Google Classroom environment.

Our Curriculum Management module tracks goals or topics assigned to an individual student or a class of students. The upcoming revision of that module, in conjunction with a bridge to Google Classroom, will allow assignments submitted by students to be captured and used to automatically update the status of related sections of any curriculum. Grading on those assignments will be transferred to the teacher's Gradebook thereby eliminating the need for double entry.

Google Calendar

Real-time teacher schedules can be created within Google domain user calendars. "Class events" listed in the Google calendar view are automatically linked to all teacher/student participants as well as to the locations/rooms being used.

Google Drive

Some schools provide a series of Google folders and files for every class as well as every student within those classes. The Edvance Bridges to Google module along with the Edvance Customization Layer support both the creation and management of such folders eliminating the need to create them manually.

Google Directory

In addition to the above functionalities, educators can automatically synchronize student and teacher profiles created and managed in the Edvance system to the Google user directory.