Competency Tracking and Reporting

Personalized competency education, differentiated learning, competency-based curricula, self-assembly schooling are different ways to describe the changes that educators have been embracing both in the way they teach and in the way they evaluate.

Interest has shifted from the tracking of passing grades to the tracking of specific competencies for specific students. Educators want to measure the various ways individual students apply knowledge, skills and attributes learned to changing situations. How will a particular student use those skills when presented with real-life situations in the workplace or outside the classroom?

To support this new interest new tools are needed.

The Curriculum Management module of the Edvance Software System supports the implementation of course specific and cross-curricular competencies and the evaluation of those competencies by the teacher as well as by the individual student. We call this module our personalized learning module.

Edvance was one of the first companies to support the change to competency tracking brought about by the Minister of Education in Quebec. Some years back we started building IEP tools that helped special education teachers create and evaluate detailed curricula for each of their students. Now we are focused on providing all teachers with the tools needed to personalize the classroom curriculum for all.

With our software, students at different levels in the curriculum sequence can be assessed daily on their progress and can be guided on a more individual basis. Through a student portal, teachers and students together can assess progress. Activities geared either to remediation or advancement can be assigned using the same technology.

As interest in competency tracking and reporting grows both here in Canada and in the United States, the need for effective data systems that monitor and report on student achievement and progress each step of the way is crucial.

With our software educators can:

  1. Follow an individual student's progress;
  2. Capture self-assessment comments submitted by the student;
  3. Allow reporting of competencies and competency levels;
  4. Store documents of student work; and
  5. Share information with students and parents.

We invite you to take a look at Edvance Software. We are working hard to advance the art of education one step at a time.