Curriculum Management & Personalized Learning

Navigating through a curriculum, whether pre-established or dynamic, can be a challenge for any teacher who wants to support individual progress.

What if a teacher could use a base curriculum as the foundation for individualized learning? Furthermore, what if the efficiencies of working with and within a group could be coupled with the powerfully positive effect of providing individualized attention for each student?

Our Curriculum Management module, coupled with our student and parent portals, can help make this happen in any learning environment, traditional or otherwise.

Curriculum topics, goals, objectives and accommodations of any kind can be captured, organized and shared with students and parents through their respective Edvance portals. Real-time status updates coupled with chat-like communication features support individual progress tracking, formative and summative evaluations and file sharing.

Individual progress updates can be captured by both teachers and students. Updates are displayed side by side, in both the group and profile views. For any part of the curriculum, the perspective of the teacher as well as the perspective of the student are displayed.

All progress tracking is transparent to the parents who can see the communication history between the teachers and their children.