Academic Reporting / Report Cards

Online Mark Entry

Our academic reporting module allows teachers to submit their marks from anywhere, anytime via a secure internet connection. Instead of being re-entered by the teacher at the time of mark submissions, grades as well as attendance data can be easily imported from previously existing gradebook data and school office records.

Competency Evaluations

More and more schools are choosing to expand the scope of their formal evaluations to include course specific and cross-curricular competency evaluations. The Edvance Software System includes a competency report that facilitates these non-traditional evaluations.

An unlimited number of competencies for each individual course can be pre-programmed. Teachers can then rate the student on each competency or they can import ratings already inscribed in their Gradebook. The system can be configured to automatically create each student profile using Gradebook data and assign a comment for each competency. All data imported and produced during the import procedure can then be changed by the teacher if required.

Effort Evaluations

Our interim reports, progress reports, and term reports all have a place where a teacher can evaluate effort. Effort ratings are summarized by the system and the administration can use the summary to create effort honor roles etc.

Customization of reports

All our reports are changeable. Some schools want to report percentages, others do not. Some schools like our course average feature, others want to report only a class average. We encourage collaborative adaptations of our system to meet the needs of individual schools.