Courses and Teacher Workloads

Easily control all aspects of any course such as:

  • Course Name
  • School Credits
  • Provincial/State Codes and Credits
  • Number of Sections (Classes)
  • Grade Level
  • Department

Courses can be included in any of three types of academic reports including:

  • Interim Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Term Reports

All our software products are designed to reduce the work required by users to a minimum number of mouse clicks or key strokes.

Sports team rosters and club member lists can be entered online via secure teacher/coach homepages thereby reducing the strain on administrative personnel.

Classes are easily created using our administrative interface.


Workloads can be easily created and modified by simply dragging a teacher or employee's name into the master grid. The master grid as well as the individual workloads are always visible allowing for better planning and overall management.

Our workload module allows you to easily manage your school's:

  • Academic and extracurricular task requirements
  • Individual teacher workloads
  • Work credits and time distribution