Gradebook and Reporting

Teacher Gradebook

In addition to offering the standard features of any gradebook, this module facilitates cross-curricular learning by allowing teachers to coordinate inter-disciplinary evaluations within a centralized system.

Specialized views allow multiple educators to focus on common group and individual learning goals, objectives and activities.

The cross-curricular and inter-disciplinary evaluations are then integrated into student, group, class and school-wide reports.

The Edvance Gradebook was specifically designed to support non-traditional teaching methods as well as their integration into traditional environments.

Our unique design allows for individual student work within a group or class environment. It allows teachers to support individual learning styles and student needs while easily integrating the resulting evaluations into combined assessments and reports.

Setup and Weighting

The ability to set weights is fully built into the system. The weight of each term is usually set by the school administration. Within each term, individual teachers can set weights for types of assignments. These weights can change from term to term and teachers can choose from 3 calculation methods.

  • Category & entry weights
  • Category, subcategories and entry weights
  • Entry weights only