The Edvance Software System (ESS) is a school-wide management system born out of a desire to eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies in the work lives of educators. We are committed to developing tools that truly save educators time so that they can spend it on the most important aspects of education. As educators, we understand just how much information must be tracked and managed by teachers and administrators every day. Information management can be overwhelming but, with the proper software tools, it can be done efficiently.

Equally important to us, and built into all that we produce, is our commitment to show educators that what they once thought was impossible to do in education, may very well be possible. We call it the ''what if..'' philosophy. Instead of building software tools by looking at how things have been done in the past and creating digital versions to support these practices, we first start by asking ''what if we could...'' and then begin working on designs that serve to make the once impossible, possible.

The ESS system is fully online and it includes, but is not limited to, the following areas of school life:


Student Information System

Learning Management Tools




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