System Customizations & Tailored Solutions

Edvance Software is committed to building multidimensional, dynamic and flexible stand alone systems that are robust in and of themselves, but also able to incorporate the best of what others have to offer.

Furthermore, through the use of the Edvance Customization Layer we are able to customize our systems to meet the unique needs of particular institutions.

Specifically, the Edvance Customization Layer is designed to override the core programming whenever a school wants to move in a specific direction. Some examples of adaptations within the Edvance Customization Layer include:

  • Adaptations made to the Curriculum Management module to accommodate a specific personalized learning model.
  • School-specific logic designed to support elaborate parent/advisor notification protocols regarding student progress and behaviour.
  • Customizations on how academic reporting is handled to support standards-based progress tracking and reporting within a given region or district.

Your organization is unique and continuously changing. Why would you choose a software that does not support those changes?

The goal of Edvance Software is simple: listen to the needs of individual schools and develop flexible, dynamic and tailorable solutions to meet those needs.